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neuco, month one.

almost 4 years ago by John Clifton

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neuco, month one. 

As the end of the month draws to a close, it seemed a good time to reflect on our first four weeks…

Starting a business in our industry is always billed as easy – all you need is a laptop, phone, and a few contacts and you’re away they say!  If you’re starting a solo venture, then I’m sure that can be the case. 

However, when you’re looking to build for the future and with growth a constant topic of discussion, you definitely need more than just methods of communication and some people to network with. 

We’ve dedicated a lot of time to ensure we put the building blocks in place for our strategy, along with setting out the core values of our business that will align with the different approach that we’re taking to our clients.  Setting up the new office in the heart of the historic cathedral city Chichester has been key, and as you can see from the picture, it's a stunning place to work!

Deciding on the key software’s to use and suppliers to work with has also been crucial as we feel strongly that using the best systems possible helps drastically improve efficiency which is greatly beneficial to our clients and candidates.  We’re delighted to be using Bullhorn, widely regarded as the best CRM system for our industry, and look forward to seeing this decision translate into a great delivery of service.

In amongst all the decisions and planning, it’s also been important to keep a focus on the day job.  After just 3 days of being in business, both Laurie and Will attended IBC in Amsterdam, and we’ve been travelling throughout Europe and the US meeting clients ever since. 

The response has been humbling and we’re really appreciative of all the goodwill, advice, support and backing that people have given us.  It can be a scary and uncertain ride starting a business, but it feels like the hard work is paying off. 

The first month is nearly over, we can’t wait for the challenges of the next one.  It’s exciting times.