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Connectivity. Up in the air!

about 3 years ago by Laurie Scott

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The inspiration for our latest article comes as we fire up the laptops on our way from another business trip…we’re flying with Virgin Atlantic and Outlook asks us if we want to re-direct to the server to get new settings.

Connectivity in the sky is big news. Ask any of the big players in the satellite market and they’ll tell you that the Aviation market is of core strategic importance to them.

Everyone is talking about trying to break into connectivity in the Air, IFE (In-Flight Entertainment) and IFC (In-Flight Communications) and rightly so – the Aviation Connectivity market in 2015 generated £700m, but is projected to generate £5.2bn by 2024 so this is going to cause a lot of competition within this exciting industry.

What is fascinating is that companies like GoGo, Panasonic Aviation, Viasat, Inmarsat, SES and Intelsat have already announced big partnerships and contracts along with long-term commitment working with the International commercial airlines to provide on-board connectivity. The recently announced Inmarsat/Qatar Airways deal is just one in a number expected over the coming years.

The days of completely switching off from the world and relaxing on a long-haul flight is likely to be over as we know it in the coming years. I have personally always enjoyed turning off my phone, laptop, watch the in-flight films followed by trying getting some sleep before you arrive at your destination, but those days are soon to be confined to the history books if things continue as they are!

Whether you want to download the latest content, stay connected with social media or – as is the case for many of us – stay connected to your business, there is a huge demand for communications on-board which is why everyone wants a piece of the action.

As ever where media and entertainment play a part, securing the right content deals is likely to be paramount to success and unlocking the monetization opportunities. From a business stand point, IFE and IFC will mean exciting new players coming into our industry and an abundance of dynamic and new innovative technologies.

So back to my flight…for as little as just £2.99 we can use Wi-FI on board and stay in contact whilst travelling. We’re in!