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neuco's newest recruits reflect on their first IBC

almost 3 years ago by Tim Meredith

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neuco's founders have attended more than 30 IBC's between them, but for the two newest members of neuco, IBC 2017 has been quite the baptism of fire. So, what have they learned as first timers to the world's leading media, entertainment and technology show? Tim Meredith reflects...

Be Upfront
Everyone is there to do a job, from exhibitors showing their new products to customers and looking for partners to recruiters improving their networks and chasing up leads. When you are talking to people at IBC a quick-fire way of having a bad time is pretending to be something that you are not. Acting like a big-ticket client or an industry veteran to bluff your way into a conversation is going to come unravelled pretty quickly.

There Is Love In The Room
Some people are not going to want to talk to you, but fewer than you would think. As recruiters, we get used to companies saying that they haven’t got time to speak with us or that they have a full PSL before we have finished our opening sentence. But at IBC almost everyone we talked to find out more about their business or get a better understanding of our market really gave us the time of day. Maybe we will work with them one day, maybe we won’t, but we all walked away having learned a little and with the sneaking suspicion that people can be decent and good.

Mix It Up
There is some cool stuff at IBC, from the latest hardware for broadcasters, to the latest VR experiences. Cloud services and software platforms are important and you will need to spend a good amount of time at these kinds of stands but lets face it, when you are flagging there is little better than pushing buttons on something expensive and shiny or feeling like you are in Back to the Future, so make sure you have a good variety of stands on your hit list. #Whereismydamnhoverboard

Wear Good Shoes
You will be walking … a lot … around 15 miles over 2 days in our case. With 15 halls and over 1,700 exhibitors there is a lot to see. Enjoy having bloody stumps at the end of your legs? No? Then wear good shoes and bring a Compeed just in case.

There Will Be #SWAG
Sunglasses, pens, mints, Argyle socks from Dell, tote bags, water bottles. It will all seem fairly worthless when you get it home, but while you are at the show obtaining these mysterious and fleeting items will be a matter of life and death.

Time Is Linear And Finite
IBC is once a year and sometimes you are only there for a few days of its run. Yes you are tired, yes the fresh Stroop waffles look good, and yes the Facebook stand has some really comfy looking egg chairs but you need to make this time count. You can sleep on your delayed EasyJet flight out of Schiphol.

Looking forward to IBC 2018 already!