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My new life at neuco!

over 2 years ago by Tom Wilding

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From clocking 20,000 steps a day at IBC in Amsterdam, to making my first placement in a new industry, it has been all go in my first 3 months at neuco.

Over summer this year, I made the decision to move away from Financial Services recruitment, in my first big career move, and into an industry I felt was more innovative and where more opportunity would lie. The world of satellite, connectivity and content & media immediately captured my interest; it is at the forefront of technology, it is a global market and anything connected to space is instantly cool!

Working with Will, Laurie and John at neuco, who between them have over 30 years’ experience in the sector, has been invaluable. Being new to the industry, they have been able to give an insight that you just can’t get from Wikipedia but, more importantly, their service-led approach to recruitment has helped me develop professionally. We really take pride in the work we do, for both candidates and clients, so being able to dig their brains for the best approach to something has been really helpful over my first 3 months.

IBC 2017 was a real eye opener for me. Within my first 2 weeks, I was able to speak directly to a range of clients within our sector. I attended meetings with Will, John and Laurie, to get an idea about the different approaches each of them takes and was tasked with approaching a number of businesses completely cold. In these, I was able to learn about the industry, and also make some new contacts for myself that I will hopefully be working with in years to come. I couldn’t recommend being thrown in at the deep end enough when you join a new business, it’s the best way to learn.

Within my first 3 months I have also made my first placement, which is all part and parcel of being a recruiter, however, this one felt different to the many I had previously made in the contract market. It was a search with a client neuco had worked with extensively before, and one the client was very keen to tie up quickly as they had been looking for this person to join for 6 months. We were able to provide a strong shortlist in just under a week, and immediately impressed the hiring manager. Our consultative approach in suggesting a number of profiles we felt would really add value to their team was a real point of difference for me. One of those was successful with the interview process and I am really excited to see how they get on and where they take their career within the organisation.

The other highlight of my first 3 months at neuco has been working with the guys, and of course the other new starter, Tim Meredith. From trying to decide on which pub to try for our Friday beer, to finding out about them all as individuals and what makes them tick, it has been great getting to know them.

If you find yourself looking for a new job but are worried about those first 3 months, then remember this - join a business that excites you, and work for people who want you to be better (and can enjoy a beer with), it’s as easy as that!