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Closing your ideal candidate - neuco advent calendar tips day 20!

over 2 years ago by John Clifton

Day 20   Abc

Closing your ideal candidate for that number one key hire in your group can be a stressful business. You’ll potentially be competing against a variety of other offers or potential avenues they could take. Not to mention the dreaded counter-offer, which will almost certainly come into play. If you value their expertise highly, there’s a pretty decent chance their current employer does too.

Today’s working environment may well be a world away from the heady days of Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glenross, but those sentiments on his blackboard, still ring true – if you want to close on the best talent, you really do need to Always Be Closing.

Our tips on doing this are now unashamedly based on the movie script…

Attention – do I have your attention?!
Get your top candidates excited about joining you at all stages of the interview process. Yes, it’s a two-way process, but there’s an art to courting the very best people to join your business but the cold shoulder technique isn’t usually one of them!

Interest – are you interested?!
Find out what they like about the idea of joining you, and use this in your efforts to get them on board. Is it your products, your vision, your culture? Whatever it is, be sure to understand their reasoning. Contrary to popular belief, it’s unlikely to be about the money, especially at a senior or specialist level.

Decision – have you made your decision for Christ?!
Take control and be prepared to tell them that you want them and ask them if they feel the same and want to join your business.

Take action and please, please do this as fast as you possibly can and be clear on the timeframes involved, time really does kill all deals. Candidates are so impressed with companies who act in a swift and timely manner when it comes to securing their services – it demonstrates a real sense of seriousness and makes them feel a million dollars. Conversely, take too long and you’ll make them wonder why you wanted them in the first place.