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Considering relocating for your next career move? neuco advent calendar, Day 4!

over 2 years ago by John Clifton

Day 4

Are you thinking about relocating for your next career move? Then read on…

If you’re working in the tech industry, there’s a good chance you’ve either been approached about relocating, or at least considered the idea at some stage – there’s so many opportunities to advance your career these days, but sometimes that means moving to a new city, or even further afield.

Our experience in helping people relocate has seen the good and sometimes challenging aspects of moving, so here’s our best advice to get you started:

Go for the weekend – try and tie in one of your interviews on a Monday or Friday and take a weekend to explore what might be your new home, it’s a great way to get a taste of what it’s like to live there. If you’re super organised, try using Airbnb to stay in the district you’re considering moving to.

Ask your potential new colleagues – if you’re in an interview process already, then see if you can speak to others in the company who may have already relocated and get their advice on what they did, and what they wish they’d known!

Relocation agents – companies that relocate people a lot will often have a relocation service or agent to help you out. Find out if this exists during the interview phase and take the help!

Research online – google is your friend for things like this. You’ll find loads of information on local groups and communities to help you see if you feel you’ll fit it culturally. Facebook groups can also identify some good community aspects too.

Get help on schooling – if you have children, their schooling will be a key element. Ask your potential new employer to help you out here, or as above, get them the connect you with employees who have children of a similar age.

Think long-term – moving overseas for a job is one thing, but do consider what is likely to be the move after that. For those who serially relocate, it’s less important, but if you want to put down roots, do think about what’s next. Career progression becomes even more important as does exploring what other potential employers there are in the region you’re thinking about.

There’s so much to consider in relocating, but underlying it all is opportunity. Almost everyone you speak to who’s done it will tell you it’s an awesome life experience, so maybe just take that chance, who knows when it’ll come again!