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Get the candidates you really want!

over 2 years ago by Tom Wilding

Desk Shot

What do you actually want?

As a hiring manager, what you want is most important. When working with recruiters, it is really important that you are able to share that with us so we can help you find it.

Often, we are not able to grasp what you want from a formal job description; it’s great for explaining a candidate’s day-to-day responsibilities and it normally has some interesting information on the business, but doesn’t tell us what you want.

Knowing exactly what you want in someone joining your team comes from you, and having a clear idea about some key attributes or experiences that person must have.

What you want can often be categorised into 3 simple areas:

  • Core skills for the role
    • Pick 3 core skills that are the most important elements for success in this role
    • A long list of 10 things is not going to help anyone!
    • This will help recruiters identify key skills in prospective candidates
  • Personality/culture fit
    • What sort of personalities are you looking for to join your team?
    • Will they get on with your current team?
    • What sort of personality traits do you work well with?
  • Candidate experience
    • What background does this person need to have?
    • Avoid “10 years of relevant experience” or another generic term, it is never too helpful
    • Think along the lines of specific role titles they might have, or companies they have worked at before

At neuco, we aim to work as closely with hiring managers to ensure that their needs are met, and we love working with managers that are able to clearly identify that.

Should you want some more tips and tricks for clients and candidates alike then please follow our page or, even better, if you know what you want and you think we can help then give us a call!