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Hiring remotely? neuco advent calendar tips day 16!

over 2 years ago by John Clifton

Day 16   Remote Hiring

Expanding your business to new territories is a great way to grow your revenues, but having remote staff in locations where you have no existing presence, can be a bit of a initial minefield.

Our advice?

Choose the location carefully – pick somewhere that not only has potential for your business, but where you feel there is existing talent in the region for you to hire.

Consider your travel plans – if it’s a key strategic expansion, then having easy travel access is important. Choosing somewhere with good airport and transport links will make a huge difference.

You don't always need a legal entity – there’s plenty of great people who’ll join you on a long-term consultancy contract. It lessens the risk on both sides and cuts out a huge admin aspect.

Hire people who’ve done it before – sounds obvious, but it’s not just industry expertise that’s important, you ideally need people who have worked in a remote/solo environment before. It’s less about you trusting them (you wouldn’t hire them if you didn’t), but more about them being the right type of person to enjoy it, being a solo warrior is not for everyone!

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