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Invest in interviewing...neuco advent calendar tips day 19!

over 2 years ago by Tim Meredith

Day 19   Multi Purpose Interview

As a business you are trying to make the most out of the investment of your resources, it’s how the world’s most powerful firms outcompete the competition, but often this attitude does not make its way into the interview room when perhaps it should.

When you take the time out of the day to sit down with a prospective employee you should make the best use of that time and make sure that you really understand them and what they can offer to your company. If you don’t then you may be throwing resources away for no good reason.

"One cannot hire a hand; the whole man always comes with it."
Peter Drucker

If a candidates has made it through to an interview there is clearly something you like about them, their attitude, their experience or their communication skills perhaps and now you have set aside some time to sit down with them and discuss a role to see if they are the right candidate.

This is often where the blinkers go on and we see companies focus in on just a small aspect of a candidate that makes them right or wrong for the role and hand. Maybe they haven’t worked with the most relevant clients for this division, perhaps there outlook is more technical and this role is more commercial, either way if they are not right for this role so you should finish up as quickly as possible and move on to the next candidate right?

Well maybe not.

Take a step back, if this candidate has good qualities that can be useful to the business then it’s probably worth a few more minutes of your time exploring these with the candidate and considering if there is anywhere else in the business that they could be useful.

Even if there is nothing right now there are countless examples of where a company has revisited a strong candidate from a previous process that was not successful for a new role that fits them more closely, but you can only do this if you spend that little extra time with the candidate.

It will make them feel loved, it will arm you with the information you need, and ultimately it could mean a valuable hire for your business.

Now that is what we call making the most of your resources.