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Is it all about the Benjamin's? neuco advent calendar tips day 18!

over 2 years ago by John Clifton

Day 18   All About The Money

Money plays a crucial role in the overall package of someone wanting to join your business, but is it the defining factor?

The reality for most people – at almost any salary level – is that they tend to want to remain at the very least level from a net salary standpoint if they’re going to make a change.

On the basis that you’re not going to ask someone to take a pay cut to join you, then there’s so much more to money that will come into play.

The mission
A clear vision of where the business is going in the next 3-5 years is a major pull for people who are looking to advance their careers.

The culture
People thrive in an environment that they enjoy being in, but it can be hard to get this across in initial interview’s, especially if they’re by phone or on-site. Do your best to ensure the final interview stage gets them to the office and showcase things – take them for lunch, let them meet some of their potential new colleagues.

Whether you’re right in the centre of a city with the metropolitan vibe, or located somewhere that’s just easy to get to, location can be a real bonus. Learn what people like about it, and play on it.

Having great benefits can be a huge draw – from pensions to free food, they all add up! They also don’t have to cost the business a fortune and you can always look at ‘pick’n’mix’ styles benefits in order to make sure your employees get the ones they want and that you’re not spending money on aspects that some don’t want or need.

People typically want to move on in their career, so be sure to show an element of progression in what you’re offering. That doesn’t always have to be promotions, more often than not, showing the growth of evolvement of their role can be just as important

Work-life balance
If you’re known as a business that works it’s staff to the ground, you’re in danger of having high attrition or only attracting workaholics which isn’t always great for the culture. It’s not all about flexi-time and unlimited holiday however. As an employee, sometimes it’s just knowing that you have some flex when you need it.