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Is your CV important anymore? neuco advent calendar tip day 12!

over 2 years ago by John Clifton

Day 12   Cv

In today's modern digital age, just how important is your CV?

Whether you class it as a traditional PDF of your skills, experience and achievements, or a digital or online profile such as LinkedIn, we'd argue more it’s more important than ever.

As the technology involved in the recruiting industry has advanced, so has the amount of data available, and more data tends to mean more search results and more applications for any given role.

This typically means that hiring managers and recruiters (both external and internal) have more and more people to look at for each open vacancy than ever before.

The net result is that something has to give – and more often than not, that’s time.

We find ourselves assessing CVs and profiles on a first pass swifter than we ever did before in order to sift and shortlist a manageable amount of people to consider.

And that, is where the strength of your CV is most critical – miss that first stage and you’re not likely to be considered.

Formats of a CV are changing however, and people are making them look way better than ever before. But not everyone is creative enough to think of a new way to display their experiences, nor should they, and not all hiring managers are impressed by the weird and wonderful either.

The answer? Like most things, keep it simple.

Be clear with your current and past experience, and clearly explain the responsibilities and achievements you’ve had along the way.

List your core skills and consider grading them in an easy visual format (chart, graph, x/10, etc). It can show humility in your assessment of your own skills, but also highlights your real areas of expertise.

Maintain an up to date social media profile. Whether that’s LinkedIn or elsewhere, these days there’s very few employers or recruiters who won’t check you out online. Try to ensure the information on whatever platform you use is up to date and relevant to your future career aspirations.

Keep it short. People tend to make up their mind in the first few seconds, so be sure to make your expertise clear very quickly, or at very least grab their attention to make sure they get beyond the first page.

Even with the emergence of AI in our industry, we still feel that the humble CV will remain key, or at least some version of it – your data needs to be held in some format for a robot to be able to find you :-)