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neuco advent calendar tips, day 1 - Get candidates excited about joining your business…

over 2 years ago by John Clifton

Day 1

If you're hiring in today's candidate driven market, it's more crucial than ever to ensure that your story to prospective new employees is compelling...

One of the biggest bits of advice we’d like to give to anyone hiring is to remember to make a real effort to explain to candidates about why they should join you.

As the employer, you of course need to check the credentials of the people you’re interviewing, BUT you must sell the benefits for someone to join your business, it’s most definitely a two-way process!

Great people are the bedrock of any organisation but they’re also very hard to find and in high demand. When you’re interviewing them, be sure to let them know what a great opportunity is on offer and why now is a great time to join your team and your company.

There’s too often a misconception that it’s the candidate who should ‘want’ the job and that they should feel ‘lucky’ to be the chosen person at the end of a hiring process.

Whether the candidates your interviewing have applied for the job or been headhunted for you, the premise remains the same – people won’t be interested or inspired to join your company unless they’ve understood why joining you is a good step in their career.

We’d strongly encourage anyone hiring to ask themselves this simple question

“Why is now a good time to join the team and organisation?”

If you have an inspiring answer that you can convey to those you’re interviewing, you’ll put yourself in pole position to secure your candidates of choice.