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neuco advent calendar tips, day 2 – Should you accept a counter offer?

over 2 years ago by John Clifton

Day 2

Accepting counter offers is a delicate situation. Most people will say don’t do it and reel of countless reasons such as the following…

“Why did it take for you to leave for them to offer you a pay rise?”

“Why do they only want to make your life better now they know you were unhappy?”

“Your reasons for wanting to leave will be the same in 3 months as they were yesterday”

“If your boss, company, or team were your reason to move on, how does a counter offer have any relevance, they haven’t changed!”

“Accepting a counter offer means your card will be forever ‘marked’. You’ll be passed over when it comes to promotions and pay rises and forever in ‘debt’ for ‘what they did’ when you said you were going to leave.”

There’s so many reasons not to accept a counter offer that we could go on and on endlessly. The facts are that many who accept a counter offer end up leaving not soon after – the reasons that made them want to move in the first place always remain, despite an improved package from your employer.

However, with more and more people being open to a new opportunity rather than actively looking for a new job, the ‘reason to move’ is shifting. It’s not necessarily about changing because what you have is bad, it’s just something else might be better. But it might not, so being offered something worthwhile to stay where you are may not be a bad thing.

That said, if presented with a counter offer, our advice is to tread with caution. Consider why you were either wanting to leave, or open to a new role in the first place, and in particular what has got you excited about moving on.

We don’t live in times of a job-for-life, so changing jobs is an inevitability. If your new opportunity has got you excited, then we’d always suggest a clean break come resignation time.

Thank them for the experience and the memories and look forward to the next chapter in your career…life is about taking opportunities!