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Control your hiring process - neuco advent calendar tip day 9!

over 2 years ago by John Clifton

Day 9   Control

Securing the best talent in the industry to join your business can be a hard task. You’ll be competing against a whole host of factors that can make life even harder. From bigger companies who can offer more security, to smaller or start-up firms that offer more agility and excitement. From companies who pay more (and there’s always one who’ll pay more!) and have and endless benefits package to those that have bean bags in the office and beer on tap.

No matter how great you feel your business is, your market strength and how awesome the technology you have is, there’s always going to be candidates in the market who feel there’s somewhere that can offer them more – it’s frustrating, but the differing opinions people’s views of where they work is what creates diversity and which must ultimately be good for us all!

But that’s where your recruitment process can play such a huge part in winning the ‘war on talent’. The great athlete Edwin Moses was the forefather of the phrase ‘control the controllable’, and your recruitment process is most certainly something that is in your control.

From all stakeholders being painfully clear on the person that you need before beginning your searches, to a consistent approach of selection and interviews, a solid process will keep things on track.

Where process your will really set you apart is in the latter stages as you approach final interviews and offer stages – be clear with candidates from the outset what to expect and the timeframes involved and you stand a great chance of securing them. Act swiftly when you make a decision

The candidate experience in the interview process is often cited as important and the company itself by many, and it’s no surprise. If the hiring process is slick, there’s a decent chance other aspects of the business as just as organised which is more often than not half the battle of success in making candidates want to join you.

If you intend to use a recruitment partner, make sure you choose wisely and ask them what their process is – it’s all well and good having your own, but if you outsource it to others who don’t follow your lead, you might make things harder!

All of that said, your standard process can only take you so far…you need to be able to react to things that are unexpected which is such common place in recruiting. But again, if you’re process is tight from the outset, you’re in great shape to react and get things back on track.

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