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Predictions for 2018 - neuco advent calendar day 23!

over 2 years ago by John Clifton

Day 23   Predictions

2017 has seen a great deal happen in the Technology, Communications and Media industries. From Self-driving-connected-everything, to the real development of LEO Satellite Mega constellations through to the Mega mergers and the continued development of content delivery services. So, what will 2018 bring us?

More than ever cyber security is going to play an important role and will probably be the top of most CIO’s lists for next year. In the media industry where sports rights values are hitting all-time highs, they will want to protect these and ensure that only those who are paying for them are the ones watching!

Speaking of sports, we have seen some high profiles moves from Senior Execs from the more traditional Media and Broadcasters to Facebook, YouTube, and other new media platforms, and this trend seems to only be moving in one direction at the moment, more of this next year? Social Media organizations have rather large war chests for when the Premier League, Indian Premier League and other global sports start to offer their rights and I think that we will continue to see real shift in how sports will be consumed in 2018.

There have been some fantastic products developed around AR especially within the sports technology industry targeted towards fan engagement and I think that this technology will not only play a big part in entertainment in 2018 but also for more prosaic and essential things such as safety for all of the connected devices that will no doubt come on to the market next year. 2017 saw driverless cars and trucks move even closer to public use, what’s next? Will we ever see pilotless flights for civil flights? Probably not one for 2018…

What we will almost certainly see much more of is the significance of Data Analytics. It appears that the Media companies and content owners went mad for this in 2017 as the information that they are providing is really helping to shape their strategies around content consumption and of course the all-important focused targeted advertising revenues. As these models continue to evolve, we shall definitely be growing our network of Data Analysts here at neuco to keep up with demand and I have asked Santa for a plentiful supply of them in NYC next year!

On the New York theme, Wall Street has played a big part in the shaping of our industries with a number of mega deals, acquisitions, mergers and IPO’s not just in the States but in Europe and Asia too. Let’s hope some of the smaller companies (biased alert) especially in the UK can use their newly filled pockets to develop some great new technologies and services.

New services have been a real theme in the Satellite industry this year with all the major players re-shaping their organizations into industry verticals and moving focus much closer to end customer with service led solutions. 2017 has probably been the year of the LEO and we seem to be in a bit of a space race to get them launched, much more of this next year!

As ever within the ever changing, ever evolving, and ever exciting industries that we work in, this year has seen great change and development and the one thing you can be certain of in 2018 is that there will be even more and I for one can’t wait!!