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Preparing for the next chapter of your career - day 13 of the advent calendar!

over 2 years ago by John Clifton

Day 13 New Career

If you’re an expert in your field, the chances are you haven’t changed jobs that many times in your career. Any thoughts of ‘first day’ preparation may well be a distant memory, so here’s our three simple suggestions:

Check their recent news/stories
The research you did for your interview may have been several months before your start date, so check out any recent news articles or stories on the company and any information you can find on their recent financial performance. We tend to find that the more people keep abreast of this before their first day, the faster they feel a part of the business once they’ve joined.

Have a plan
Your new employer will have their thoughts on your first few months, but whatever your new remit is – to maintain, create, improve, etc – having your own plan and goals is important. Some we’ve worked with have devised their own detailed 100-day plan, whereas others just have one core objective that they want to achieve in their first 6 months. What’s clear, is that those with a plan not only make a great first impression to their new organisation, but tend to be those that overachieve.

Research your team
Developing your internal network and collaboration with your new colleagues is likely to be key to your success. You’re likely to have met several of of them in your interview process, but it’s always worth doing this a second time around before you join. LinkedIn is a great way to explore their backgrounds, and the beauty of seeing their profile history is being able to explore any common interests or experience that can make life so much easier.