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Highlights and lessons from 2017!

over 2 years ago by John Clifton

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Year end is a great time for reflection, so we thought we’d ask the neuco team the following about 2017:

What is your work highlight of the year?
What is your personal highlight of the year?
What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt?

Attending my very first international trade show in IBC
My Girlfriend and I started a monthly comedy night in Brighton
It is significantly easier to kill office plants by accident than you would think!

Doubling our team size by hiring Tim, Tom and Jake
A wonderful family sailing and activity holiday in Greece
Never forget to expect the unexpected and plan accordingly!

Making my first placement at neuco
My girlfriend and I buying our first home, for sure!
Don’t trust Laurie to make a cup of tea :-)

Hiring Tim, Tom and Jake
Taking a once-in-a-lifetime month off with the family to Oz, NZ and Hong Kong
Working out how to use the trackpad on a macbook!

Witnessing the rapid development of Tim and Tom since they join in September
Sailing at the International Moth World Championships in Lake Garda
Moving house, hiring three people and moving our office and doing two major sailing events all in the space of 4 weeks isn't the best idea!

Securing a job with neuco*
Securing a job with neuco*
The team at neuco might just be the best ever*

*note, Jake starts in Jan so the editor has stepped in here :-)