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Safety in numbers – don’t leave you’re hiring to chance! neuco advent calendar tips day 17!

over 2 years ago by John Clifton

Day 17   Saftey In Numbers

In the race to secure your business the very best talent, don't leave things to chance.

All too often, we still see companies only progress one person to a final stage of the interview process, leaving them too open to the possibility that they don’t close on the candidate.

Sometimes this is because of lack of time and diary availability, but sometimes you can’t help feeling it’s because organisations still have the inherent feeling that if they ‘choose’ the candidate, the candidate will automatically choose them, as if it’s an old fashioned one-way hiring process where the employer holds all the cards.

In today’s candidate driven market, that just doesn’t work, especially if the candidates you’re interviewing have been pro-actively approached for the role.

Make the investment in time to see at least two people at that final stage, ideally three. Your first-choice candidate might not accept, and your ‘first choice’ might also change in that course of that final stage…in securing your business the very best talent, there is most definitely safety in numbers!