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Six ways to collaborate more effectively with your recruitment partner - neuco advent calendar tip day 11!

over 2 years ago by John Clifton

Day 11   Collaborate

Working with a specialist recruitment firm or executive search partner can be one of the most efficient methods of hiring key staff for your organisation.

If you’ve made the decision to engage help and have budgeted the necessary cost, here’s our advice on getting the most value from the relationship.

Build a relationship
Speak, meet and drink coffee with them. Whoever you’re using is going to be acting as an extension of you and your company. The better your relationship with your recruiter, the better they’ll work with you.

Do a thorough brief on what you want
Take an hour or two to explain to them what you really want and need and ask them to follow up with a summary to ensure they’ve fully understood things. If you’re using a specialist, that should be all the time that’s required from you until you receive your shortlist.

Agree timescales
We all want our new hire ‘yesterday’ but agreeing some timeframes and milestones will help everyone involved. Use your recruitment partner to help drive the process and stick to the times agreed – it’s in their interest to do so, nothing makes us work harder than working to a deadline that we know is going to be reciprocated by our clients!

Set a salary range
It’s fine to have some flexibility on salaries – in fact it’s critical for certain hires – but for the most part, it’s really important to give some clarity and ensure Failing to do this will inevitably mean you’ll end up considering people you ultimately won’t hire for budget reasons.

Give feedback
Giving feedback on what you do and don’t like about the candidates your presented with (or any other part of the process for that matter) is crucial. Often, understanding what you don’t like can be the most useful thing in helping uncover the things you do!

Take advantage
Ask any recruiter and they’ll tell you the same – an engaged hiring manager/client that asks for help and leans on you to drive things along is worth its weight in gold. Typically, the more control a recruiter has over the process, the more engaged they’ll be and the better service you’ll receive. So, take advantage of us, it’s our job to help you!

At neuco, we pride ourselves on providing an outstanding service to our clients – if you’re not getting the best from the relationship with your current search partners, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you,