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The importance of time in your recruitment process - advent calendar tip day 15!

over 2 years ago by John Clifton

Day 15   Time

It’s a frustrating truth that time kills all deals, so agreeing a timeframe for your candidate search is a key part in securing the talent you want for your business.

The best people are always going to be in hot demand, so once you get them in the process, you need to keep their interest levels as high as possible throughout.

It’s important to communicate this to all stakeholders before you begin and make sure that your plan actually fits with people’s diaries and travel schedules.

If you’re working with a recruitment partner, let them help drive the process for you. There’s nothing great recruiters like more than being given the remit to own the process and help their client’s keep things on track.

As you get toward final interview stages, sticking to the communicated timescales is more important than ever – at this stage you’re likely to have candidates at their peak of their interest, so don’t let it wain!

Finally, as you draw closer to offering your chosen candidate, leave some room for error in what you say. We all want offers and contracts to go out yesterday, but the reality is it always take longer than expected. And account for that ‘one final call’ someone somewhere thinks would be useful…it always seems to happen on those hard-to-fill roles!!!

Above all else, manage the expectations of everyone involved, from hiring managers and HR, to your candidates and recruitment partner. People accept and appreciate that things will change along the way, they just lose faith when they’re not kept up to date.