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Top 3 tips for resigning - neuco advent calendar day 5

over 2 years ago by Tom Wilding

Day 5   New Career Ahead

Resigning is never an easy thing to do but, the last thing you want is for the fear of resigning to stop you taking an exciting career move.

Whether you moving for a new opportunity, or escaping a company that isn’t right for you, it can be awkward and uncomfortable. Having recently resigned myself and through helping candidates with their moves, at neuco we have created these 3 tips that will help make the process as smooth as possible.

  1. Be clear with your reasons for leaving
    • Prepare your reasoning in advance and do your best to plan your resignation discussion - one of the biggest irritants for managers is not being clear on why someone wants to leave their team and company.
    • If you are leaving to start an exciting new opportunity then this is quite easy, you will have thought long and hard about whether it is the right move for you and will have clear reasons for wanting to start there that you can share.
    • Feedback on your employment and any reasons for leaving is vital data for a business - for many organisations, managing attrition is often at the top of their agenda. It will help them hopefully address issues at the business to make it a better place for the people remaining.
  2. Think carefully about your approach to a potential counter offer
    • In the current job market, we are seeing more and more businesses proposing counter offers to retain important staff members, and it can seem inviting at the time. But, a salary increase isn’t going to change the reasons that you were open to opportunities or looking to move away from a business.
    • Salary is just one aspect of your job, and being really clear on your reasons for leaving will help avoid that awkward conversation along the lines of “what can we do to keep you?”.
    • If you've decided to move on, irrespective of any counter offer that may come your way, then be clear from the outset that you don't want them to do anything. Having them work hard to improve your package only to have you turn it down anyway can leave a bitter taste.
  3. Remain professional and do the right thing
    • Leave on the best terms possible, be professional in your resignation meeting, do it in person, and with your direct manager. As hard as this may seem, it will be infinitely harder for them, and you, if they are told about it from someone else in the business.
    • While working your notice your workload and responsibilities have the potential to reduce, but during your entire notice it is important to work diligently and professionally. The likelihood is that you will come across these people in a professional environment again soon, and you never know in what situation, but also, when applying for jobs in the future, it could be these colleagues that you are using as references.

Coming from experience, following these will help you make this process as pain-free as possible...don’t let the resignation process get in the way of the next stage of your career!

If you want some pointers then feel free to reach out to one of us directly, and make sure you follow @neuco for more recruitment tips and tricks, jobs and industry news.