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Why interview feedback is so crucial - neuco advent calendar tip day 10!

over 2 years ago by John Clifton

Day 10   Feedback

Give feedback to anyone you interview, simple right?

Sure, those in our industry bang on about their clients not giving feedback all the time, but as a hiring manager/company, it's likely your name and brand that will remain tarnished in the candidates mind. So why do so many clients and hiring managers not give feedback when they've interviewed people?

The most common reasons tend to be not wanting to either entirely dismiss a candidate from the process, or simply not wanting to be entirely honest about their feedback.

But consider interview 5 people in order to hire 1 person...that's an 80% candidate rejection rate, and thus 80% of people in the process who are likely dissapointed about not being successful.

So why wouldn't you offer decent feedback to help them improve or why you didn't feel they were right for the role? Moreover, why would you not give feedback and risk 80% of people in the process have a negative feeling toward your business and brand?

One of the best and simplest ways to give feedback is to jot down the pros and cons of each person you interview, followed by the recommendation, i.e. continue, reject, offer, etc. It's so simple, yet so many don't do it.

As those often giving the feedback directly to the candidates, we can assure you that each and every candidate we've ever worked with, would rather have feedback (even when they've totally bombed!) than have none at all!