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Why taking a break before you start your new job is a good idea

over 2 years ago by John Clifton

Day 3

If you can, taking a short break between leaving one job and starting the next is a great idea.

For most people, changing jobs is a really big decision. Not only is it your livelihood, but if you’ve been there for any length of time, you’ll be leaving behind colleagues, friends and where you’ve spent a fair bit of your life over the preceding years.

It can also be an incredibly stressful time. Handing in your resignation can be tough, and making a big shift in your life can be quite an upheaval, so finding so time to get your head in gear for the new challenge ahead can be very good for the mind body and soul.

Taking some time out is not only good for you, but your new employer is likely to get a far more energised new starter than someone who finishes on a Friday and starts the following Monday.

Of course, there’s a financial implication to be had, so if you’re thinking of changing jobs any time soon, it might be worth planning to use some outstanding holiday as part of your notice period if you can.

Whether you use the time to chill out, go on holiday, sort life admin or spend time with the family, enjoy it, you’ll soon be back into the thick of it from day 1 of your new role!