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The future of your hiring challenges?!

over 2 years ago by John Clifton

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Do you see the challenge of how to master Technology, AI or Automation as a key factor in improving your hiring?

With so much being discussed in the recruitment industry about these three topics in particular right now, we thought we’d ask our clients about their major hiring challenges that they’re currently facing and whether these so-called ‘hot topics’ keep them awake at night.

The results were surprising.

Not one of the many companies we interviewed mentioned any of these areas.

It would be wrong however, to conclude that such areas are not prevalent in their talent acquisition thoughts and strategies, or indeed that they’re ignoring the inevitable technology onslaught that is coming.

BUT, it’s nonetheless very interesting that some of the world leading communication, content and connectivity players still see some of the old fashioned human skill and cultural elements of the attraction and hiring process as key to their success.

In a series of articles over the coming months, we’ll address each of these in turn, giving our take on our client’s key hiring issues and challenges, we hope you’ll find them of value.

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