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It's been six months at neuco already...

almost 2 years ago by Jake Sparkes

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It’s been six months at neuco already…  

…and time has flown by like a LEO Satellite entering an elliptical transfer orbit.

After five fantastic years managing a busy call centre it’s reenergising to be working in a new field, particularly one as transformative and dynamic as the satellite and space market.

Without resorting to hyperbole (he says whilst hastily browsing synonyms for the word ‘amazing’ !) it is a truly spectacular time to work in the communications and connectivity industries.

I’ve learnt that constellations of thousands of satellites are planned over the next few years, promising to deliver affordable broadband globally - a great leveller for developing economies and hard to reach areas.

Like a hat on a runway, I was also blown away by last week’s session on In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) at Farnborough Airshow, featuring insightful speakers from industry leaders such as Inmarsat, SES Networks and iDirect.

A statistic that really highlighted IFEC’s immense scope for growth came from Florent Rizzo of Euroconsult, who explained that North America’s 5,000 connected planes totals almost double that of the rest of the world combined! A ratio which is surely set to change in the future…

Akin to a driver before the advent of GPS, I’ve taken a roundabout route to the most important aspect of my time at neuco – the amazing supportive team I’ve had to good fortune to work with. Thanks so much to John, Laurie, Tim, Tom and Will – it’s been a blast.

Being mentored by so many experts in this industry, and recruitment, seems to have rubbed off and I’ve been lucky enough to help people progress their careers in locations as diverse as the US, Germany, France, Finland, Switzerland, the UK and Spain. Naturally, it helps that we work with consistently brilliant clients!

Thanks for reading and look forward to meeting some of you in person at IBC in September – please drop me a line to if you'd like to meet up.