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Bridging the digital divide in Africa

over 1 year ago by Tom Wilding


With a population of approximately 1.2 billion, Africa is the second largest continent in terms of people. However, in 2017, it was recorded that 35.2% of Africa has internet connectivity compared to the 54.4% world average. This is not due to a lack of appetite, as Africa has one of the highest proportion of people wanting internet connectivity globally, rather the logistical challenges of creating a fibre infrastructure capable of delivering.

This, along with a growing belief in the economic and societal benefits that connectivity provides, has created a real opportunity for mobile backhaul and satellite solutions to have fantastic positive impact on the region. And of course, positive revenue implications for satellite businesses investing in Africa.

We work with a range of clients, from satellite operators to service providers, who are investing heavily in talent across Africa. The whole continent is somewhere I love working in; candidates are passionate about supporting the development of the region, they are skilled technically and commercially have a sales approach that is bold, uncompromising and is so well suited to African business culture.

Not only is Africa a continent we enjoy working in, it is one we have done so successfully. We have placed great people in South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Ghana, Morroco…..the list goes on. When recruiting in this market it is important to remember that each individual African country is completely different, particularly regarding business culture and economic situation, and the same approach shouldn’t be considered for the entire continent. Meaning, there can often be large differences in salary expectations between bordering countries and that, when looking for a salesperson to lead an effort in a particular country, it is important they have had experience selling into that region already. If companies do not have a legal entity in country and want to have someone based in the territory without having to go through the process of setting up offices, the workaround is to hire the Executive as a full-time consultant. Typically, across Africa, Executives will be compensated monthly in USD. Please feel free to reach out to neuco for any additional compensation advice, market guidance or support on talent acquisition.

Africa really is the land of opportunity for the mobile backhaul and satellite industries. It is not without its challenges, but if those challenges are recruitment specific let us help.