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The importance of your employer branding in securing the best talent for your business

over 1 year ago by John Clifton


Are you failing to recruit the kinds of candidates you want? It may not be down to your recruitment strategy, it may be more to do with you brand.

Whether you really understand what it is or not, your organisation will have a brand. Your brand is the perception other people have of your company and whether it has a good reputation or not. Every company in the world has a brand and with websites such as Glassdoor allowing employees to leave reviews of their experience of employers, there is no where to hide. If you have a poor reputation, the 41 million jobseekers who use Glassdoor every month for research purposes, will know all about it.

Many employers don’t seem to recognise the importance of employer branding in their recruitment efforts and often complete overlook it. They focus entirely on factors such as a poor job market, lack of decent candidates or may even just blame their recruitment team! There is no disguising it – your employer branding is one of the most important factors affecting your recruitment efforts and if yours isn’t good, it’s time to sort it out. Employer branding can support your recruitment campaign in many ways and if you get it right – you could have candidates chapping at your door to join you!

The Right Candidates

It is one thing to attract candidates to your organisation, but quite another to attract the right candidates. A report from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) stated that a staggering 85% of HR decision makers have admitted that a bad hire has been made by their organisation. The cost of a bad hire at mid-manager level can cost as much as £132,000. Candidates want to get a feel for what your values are, what culture you have and what type of people you hire, before they decide on whether to apply. If you are clear about your brand and how your business operates, you are more likely to attract the right fit.

Lower Costs

Recruitment is an extremely time-consuming process and it takes a lot longer to find suitable candidates if your employer branding is less than impressive or ambiguous. There is the initial hurdle of finding candidates but the even bigger challenge of procuring candidates who will even consider joining your company. Unfortunately, word gets around and if you have a poor employer brand, it will soon filter out to the rest to the world! Get your employer branding right and candidates will come to you, which ultimately saves time on recruitment and money for your business.

Improve Retention Levels

If you have a strong employer brand, it means employees are happy working there. If you look at the 2019 Best Places to Work, you’ll find they have one thing in common – their employees are happy. They are engaged, they feel fulfilled and they’re happy to tell the world! You can bet that companies on this list won’t struggle to recruit as candidates will be queuing up to join them and they won’t have problems retaining staff either. This is what you want to aim for and why it is so important to get it right. A positive employer branding will not just support your recruitment efforts but also help improve retention in the process.

Spend time on your employer branding strategy, understand exactly what it is and how you can reflect your company in the most positive way. Ensure your employees are having a positive experience and take time to understand their needs. Share your story so that candidates get a feel for your business. The stronger your employer brand becomes, the easier it will be to recruit and find the right people to grow your business.