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How do you get the most from your recruitment partner?

over 1 year ago by William Trenchard

Recruitment Partner

When there is recruitment activity within your business, there is the inevitable barrage of calls from recruiters looking to help you source the perfect candidate. Although it may seem to make more sense to have a list of suppliers working on a vacancy, it is often much more effective to concentrate your efforts on just a few select suppliers, and ideally use one specific recruitment partner to support the process on each role. 

When you build a strong relationship with your recruitment partner, they become an extension of your business. They understand how your business works and what type of candidates are best suited to your needs. It also saves you the time and hassle of trying to manage numerous recruitment agencies simultaneously. It can take a fair bit of effort to build a great relationship with your recruitment partner, but it is worth it in the long run. Here’s our thoughts on how to make it work…

Communication is key
It sounds so basic, but when communication is poor between the business and recruitment partner, the recruitment process also suffers. It is imperative that communication is clear from the start of the process, including an initial briefing to discuss the main points of the role and the ideal candidate. When you are on the same page as your recruitment partner, it makes the process much easier, with increased probability of a successful outcome. A great brief, together with regular communication is a winning formula in recruitment.

Trust their expertise
When you choose the right recruitment partner, you can start to trust their expertise and understand that they are focused on helping to grow your business. They should have expertise in your sector and will want to do their best to help, so trust what they tell you. It may mean being a little more flexible in your approach and considering candidates you might not have before, but doing this could improve your recruitment efforts. Hard to fill roles can be impossible to fill, without a bit of flexibility, so lean on the recruiter you trust for advice – they understand the market and knows the competition out there, so lean on their expertise.

Direct points of contact
Whilst they’ll always be multiple people involved – on both sides – it makes sense to have one or two direct points of contact on each role, and one of these should always be the hiring manager of the role they are working on. This can allow the recruiter to build a rapport with the manager and be able to provide a dedicated service to them. Building a strong relationship can allow for honest feedback and help ensure the process is successful, especially when trying to secure talent for hard to fill roles. It is important to work with your recruitment partner and view them as an integral part of your business. We’d never advise to leave HR/Talent teams out of the loop – almost always ends in disaster! – but the direct contact approach with hiring managers using recruiters you trust, greatly improves the success of your recruitment efforts.

Give clear feedback
One of the biggest frustrations for recruiters is failing to receive feedback for candidates and this can be quite damaging for the relationship. Working with your recruitment partner and giving them honest feedback will help improve their understanding of what you are looking for, which will help ensure the process is more successful. The more honest you can be with your feedback, the better it is for your recruitment partner. One of the best we’ve worked with had a simple method of supplying ‘Positives’, ‘Question marks’ and ‘Recommendation for next steps’ which we’d have within 30 mins of the interview taking place. It was never more than about 150 words of text (so took the hiring managers no time at all) but this resulted in some of the swiftest hiring we’ve completed.

If you’d like to find out more about our recruitment services and how we can work together to create a successful relationship, get in touch today, we'd love to talk to you!