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HR & Recruiting Tech Trends to look out for in 2019

over 1 year ago by Laurie Scott

Artificial Intelligence

HR and technology might not seem like they naturally go hand in hand, but technology is starting to play a key role within the function, especially from a recruiting standpoint. In today’s world, HR are having to become more involved in administrative tasks, rather than focusing on human relationships. Technology is helping the function to slowly move away from administrative tasks and focus on what they are good at; building and managing relationships.  It is also helping to support candidates by streamlining processes. Technology is becoming more prominent in HR and these are some key trends to look out for throughout 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

There has been some resistance to adopt AI, with some concerned about the impact it would have on jobs. However, this attitude has changed drastically over the last couple of years. HR & Talent teams have realised that artificial intelligence can work with them, instead of against them. AI is becoming more prominent in the life of recruiters by taking over the menial tasks and allowing recruiters to focus on managing the client and candidate relationships. It is also helping to support them by assisting employees with common questions, freeing up time for advisors to focus on improving employee relations. AI is also supporting the recruitment function for candidates by evaluating applications in an unbiased manner and making the process much smoother overall. These are just some of the ways artificial intelligence can improve the recruiting function, there are many more. The use of AI is certainly set to increase over 2019 and beyond.


Many businesses are starting to incorporate chatbots into their recruitment systems to help support their processes. Chatbots allow candidates to get quicker responses to their common questions, rather than having to wait for responses to emails or phone calls. This helps to free up time for recruiters, it can increase the candidate pool, which is more effective for the overall process. This benefits the business overall and makes life easier for hiring managers, who have more candidates to choose from.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is set to increase over 2019, as part of both the HR and the recruitment process. In HR, virtual reality is being used to deliver training to employees and it has a functionality within the application process in recruitment. Completing job applications can be mundane, even to the point where candidates will abandon the process completely. Virtual reality can be used to make the process more engaging and interactive, which can improve volume of applications.

Mobile Technology

We will see mobile technology being utilised more and more for multiple purposes, including delivering training and providing candidates with a simpler way to apply for jobs. Mobile technology is commonplace in other industries but is also set to grow extensively within the HR/Talent space.


Analytics are allowing HR to deliver better results in all areas. Analytics are nothing new, but they are enabling HR professions to delve deeper into the workplace and identify any areas of concern, such as employee turnover and effectiveness of training and other areas. In recruitment, analytics can be a highly effective way of determining characteristics of the ideal employee. HR is notoriously data driven and analytics can help achieve great results.

We’re slowly learning to embrace technology and understand the wealth of benefits it can bring to a business. Technology frees up time for HR and recruitment to focus on interacting and building relationships. This is, after all, the main purpose of HR and recruitment.