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MWC 19 - 20 miles, 5G’s and 1 double bed!?

over 1 year ago by Tom Wilding


20 miles, 5G’s and 1 double bed: my reflections on MWC19

20 miles walked over 2 days, 30 great new contacts met, 2 unbelievable Spanish meals, 5Gs and sharing 1 double bed. MWC19, you were great!

Last week I attended my first Mobile World Congress event and I will definitely be back next year, here’s why:

5G, Mobile and the World of Connectivity

The hot topic of the mobile world is 5G and rightly so, it will revolutionise the way we communicate and connect. At the show this year, you couldn’t go a minute without talking about it or hearing it in conversation.

What was clear from the conversations I had, is that 5G moving away from just being a concept is SO close but there are still technologies that need to evolve to make it a reality. Excitingly, these evolutions are within touching distance and I foresee 5G still being the hot topic at the show next year but with a sense of completion about it.

Range of Businesses

One of the best things about the show for me was the scale of different businesses there. neuco have a legacy of recruiting in the satellite market, and we will always continue to do that, but the show highlighted that for the success of global connectivity the collaboration between satellite and cellular is key.

As such, there are clear transferable skillsets between cellular and satellite talent pools which will solve one of the questions we get asked most: how can we bring new talent with different perspectives into the industry?


How could I state my reasons for coming back next year without mentioning Barcelona. The city is a hub of brilliant restaurants, cold beer and nice weather (apart from last year when it apparently snowed!). If I could recommend one thing it would be to try and find a Pincho bar, although not traditionally from the region it is a brilliant way to eat; lots of little mouthful in an informal setting, you get to try loads of local flavours and the wine is always great.

Being my first MWC I learnt a lot for next year. Here is what I would definitely bear in mind if you, like me, are already planning your MWC20:

  • If you don’t have a booth, avoid booking your consecutive meetings in different halls, this show is HUMUNGOUS!
  • If there are any specific restaurants you want to go to, book early.
  • Traffic around the conference centre is horrendous.
  • To avoid possible sharing a bed with your boss (call me to ask if you’re interested in the full story), book your hotel room early!

I hope you reading this had a show as productive as mine, and if you would like to hear how neuco could help you recruit the best talent in the communications and connectivity markets please give me a call on +44 (0) 203 002 3879.