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3 ways to build your employer brand...

about 1 year ago by John Clifton

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Last week we spoke about an employer brand; what it is and the importance of it when it comes to your organisation’s recruitment efforts.

This week, we are looking at how you begin to build and develop that brand to ensure it reflects the tone of your business and attract the type of people you’re looking for.

Is your brand what you want it to be?
We spoke about the different ways to find out what your brand is but how do you really gain an understanding of what you want it to be? Everyone wants to have a positive brand, but how do you really delve further into it and come up with something concrete? The first thing to do is to speak to your employees and find out how they feel about working in your business. Is it a positive environment, do they feel valued, what makes them turn up for work every day? There are bound to be both positives and negatives.

You might want to speak to new starts to your business to find out why they chose to join you. Does their impression tie up with the realities? If not, why not? On a basic example level, are you currently luring people in by saying you offer a flexible working environment, but employees are lucky if they even get away at their finish time? You need to explore what the impression is of your brand and what you want it to be. Wherever you are right now on the curve, there are always opportunities to change your brand, even if the perception is currently quite negative (or non-existent!)

Collaborate with your marketing team
When developing a brand, your best point of call is to team up with your marketing department to work out exactly how you want to present yourself. The main aim is to develop a strong brand which reflects your values, and most importantly, that your brand is consistent, and you practice what you preach. There is no point in building a brand which shows you to be a collaborative business, when you don’t ever ask for ideas and input from your employees. Develop a strong brand and make sure it is consistent in all your materials and how you treat your employees and interact with clients.

Become iconic – think big!
If you need some food for thought when building your own brand, you might want to consider some of the most successful brands out there and what they stand for. One of the most recognised brands is Google and they are well known for being innovative, and a great place to work. Google live by this brand and if you look at their Glassdoor reviews, you’ll discover the incredible reputation they have amongst their employees. Sure, Google is Google, and most of us will never be in that situation, BUT, let’s not forget, a great reputation makes it so much easier to recruit the very best talent out there. Candidates will be a lot more enthusiastic if you present them with a company that they've either heard good things about, or through research can see are great, than one they’ve never heard of or who has bad reviews. Think big in your branding efforts and start building something amazing!

We hope this blog has helped you at least start developing your employer brand. In the next couple, we will look at how you communicate your employer brand to attract candidates.