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Using your employer brand to attract great candidates!

12 months ago by John Clifton

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In the last blog, we talked about the different ways to build your brand in order to attract candidates to your company. At Neuco, we speak to candidates every day and as we are focused on the passive market, we understand the importance of businesses having a strong brand, if they want to attract candidates. Passive candidates are resistant about hearing new opportunities from an unfamiliar brand; however, most are open to hearing from businesses with a strong brand.

In this week and next week’s blog, we will look at how you can communicate your brand, so that candidates start to understand who you are and what you do. This information should arm you with enough information to get to work on getting your brand out there.

Brand Toolkit

It is important to have a brand toolkit, which includes your logo, tagline, mission statement, values, colours and your font. The main reason for this is that it will keep your brand consistent, no matter who joins your business and will act as a go to, if anyone wants to produce any material. It is vital that you ensure your brand is consistent and a brand toolkit will ensure it stays that way. Your marketing department should be able to help you get your brand toolkit together.

Job Adverts

You can also use your job advert to communicate your brand in various ways. Your advert could include a video with some inside footage from your business or a current employee talking about the benefits of working there. The job advert is a great place to promote your brand and entice candidates to want to join. After all, you have their undivided attention at this point.

Careers Pages

The career pages of your website are the perfect place to inform candidates about your culture, employees and what they should expect from working within your company. Candidates don’t just want to know about the role, they also want to get a feel for the company and the culture.

Social Media

There are over 3 billion social media users across the globe, so it makes sense to utilise this market when you are communicating your brand. You can use your brand toolkit to set up your social media platforms in the first instance and by simply being active on social media; posting regular content, sharing other content and interacting with your target market, you can really grow your brand. Social media is vital for growing your employer brand and attracting candidates to your business.

Next up, we will explore more ways to communicate your employer brand to help attract candidates to your business.