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Attracting Great Candidates – Continued!

10 months ago by John Clifton

1 Attract Great Candidates

In the previous blog, we covered the different possibilities for using your employer brand to attract great candidates; including creating a brand toolkit, using job adverts and career pages, as well as exploring social media and the different ways this can help you promote your brand. There are so many options that we decided to explore more of these with a follow up blog, so you can promote your brand to its fullest. These are some of the other ways to grow your brand and attract great candidates to your business.

Create Stories

Candidates don’t just want to read reviews, they want to experience what it’s like to be part of your business and this is why creating a story is so important. Brand stories are becoming increasingly popular, as they help candidates relate to a company and they often inspire them to apply. Any brand story should be authentic and should spark some emotions. If you tell a brand story through your advertising, candidates are more likely to be able to relate to you and will be more encouraged to be part of your business.

Candidate Experience

What do candidates experience when they apply for a job with your company? What is the journey they go through? If you give some insight into the candidate journey, you’ll have a better chance of encouraging candidates to apply. Candidates want to know what to expect when they apply and having a clear route so they know their expectations will be met, will make it easier to increase applications.

Employee Journey

The employee journey is just as important as the candidate journey. Some companies upload video footage on their careers page to show potential candidates what to expect if they join. ‘A day in the life’ can be a great way to promote your business as it gives the candidate a clear vision of what they can expect if they come and work for you. Everything is completely out in the open and this can really encourage candidates to apply.

Be Different

If you want to stand out from the many other companies out there, don’t afraid to be a little different. Simple changes to your careers page or the way you advertise, can really help you to stand out from the crowd. An example of this is Twitter, who instead of categorising jobs by department, they have headers which fit with experience, such as “promote the business”, “build the product” so that candidates can choose roles based on their experience. The Twitter careers page is packed full of interesting and engaging content, which really gives you a feel for what it would be like to work there.

Work with a great Recruiter

If you use your recruitment agency in the right way, they can prove to be extremely useful to you. If you build a strong relationship with your recruitment agency, they are more likely to want to promote you to their candidates. A strong relationship is usually easier to build if you work with one supplier and you are responsive to them. Work together with your recruiter and they will be able to help you build a strong, positive brand.

Now you have a strategy in place, you want to be able to analyse it along the way to determine whether your hard work is paying off. The next blog will look at the different methods you can use to understand the effectiveness of your brand. It’ll be a great one so don’t miss it!