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10 months ago by John Clifton

We Are Thre

We are 3!

Almost can’t believe I’ve just written that line, how did three years go by so fast, is it true that I am actually a business owner?! People talk about imposter syndrome all the time…I constantly feel that the fraud police are just one step away from catching me! 

To learn a little more about our first few years, watch or read below!

Like any new business, we’ve had a host of highs and lows along our journey. We’ve suffered the usual growing pains of any company – the challenges of hiring and training whilst still doing the day job, what the hell do you do about IT (mainly call my dad in our case!), and of course, the ever-present rollercoaster ride that recruitment inevitably brings.

But all of that said, it’s been an amazing journey so far. After convincing ourselves after our first year that we could still ‘do it’ between the three of us (me, Laurie and Will), we set about the growth of neuco, immediately hiring Tom and Tim into the business. Fast forward 6 months, Jake joined us, and at that moment we knew we needed to actually devise a ‘plan’ for the next three years.

We’re now 18 months into that plan, and more or less on track with the goals that we set. I’d never say it’s been plain sailing, but I think we’re all incredibly proud of what we have, and are, creating with the team at neuco.

We started with a very clear vision – provide our colleagues with a great place to work that they enjoy, and deliver an outstanding service to our clients. For the true answer I guess you’d have to ask the team and our clients, but the fact that we’ve had zero attrition, and have so many loyal customers that in some cases we’ve known for over a decade gives us confidence we’re on the right lines.

The team is excited about our future, we’re only just beginning.

And so to the highlights…we’re delighted to have our four core tech divisions, have made placements in 47 different countries and to work with some of the very best and most innovative businesses in our industries.

But that’s the dull bit everyone writes right? Here’s the more interesting reading…our best bits, funnies, and failures of the last 3 years!

  • Laurie and his macbook trackpad escapades (a favourite of mine and Will’s!)

  • Jake hobbling at IBC after the ‘toe’ accident :-(

  • The twin room/double bed Mobile World Congress mishap

  • Tim (dressed as Elvis) & Will dancing in Vegas @ NAB

  • Jake having a baby!

  • Building of endless Ikea furniture

  • Train rides and beers back from Chichester in those first 12 months, happy days!

  • Cookery class summer party

  • Endless trips away and many AirBnB disasters! (how many rooms?)

  • Walking the north downs and ending up in Epsom for a spot of racing

  • Cock ups on transatlantic flights (Laurie again!!)

  • Learning to film videos, how cringey?!

  • The in the escape room conundrum…“I have a confession”

  • Paying a supplier £60k instead of £6k (ouch, yes, that was me!)

  • Tom getting engaged!

And a whole lot of laughter, every day.

Thank you to our team first and foremost, without you we’d be nothing. And of course, to our clients for paying the bills, and to our candidates for taking the jobs – we love helping companies find great talent and expanding people’s careers.

Thank you!!