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Announcing the SpaceWatch.Global & neuco partnership

9 months ago by Ewan Lawrenson

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I couldn’t have been older than 13 years when I visited Goonhilly Earth Station and sent an email into space. The gist of the message was me goading aliens to come visit, it was suitably silly – I did similar things with ghosts in ‘haunted houses’ – and for many years that was my greatest contribution to space, a digital message of me sticking my tongue out at aliens. As time progressed and I grew older, I thought that would end up being my sole contribution to space.

As cool as it would’ve been to be an astronaut, that realistically wasn’t going to happen; an engineer, perhaps, but as a youth I had my eyes set on music and literature. And so, as I grew up watching the Sci-Fi greats of 2001, Solaris (the original!), Fantastic Planet, etc. and spent long summer evenings stargazing in the countryside, I thought my involvement in space had come and gone in a silly childish blur. Space is for astronauts, right? It’s for scientists and engineers, not some kid with a degree in Humanities and a propensity for silliness.

But as space becomes more commercial and accessible, so do the opportunities for less traditional individuals and profiles to involve themselves in it. HR, Marketers, Finance individuals, Recruiters (such as I) and many more – Planet Earth needs you! As our knowledge and understanding of space and how we can interact with it grows, the chances of the stars aligning for you in this incredible industry expands, much like the universe itself.

Our new partnership with SpaceWatch.Global is done precisely to increase the chances of you working in this fantastic industry. Gone are the days of space being for governments alone, space is for everybody! Keep your eyes peeled and perhaps one day soon stargazing will take on a new meaning, as you stare up, thinking about the tangible difference you have made to our lives on Earth and what goes on above our heads, beyond our world.