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It Feels Like Coming Home!

7 months ago by Andrew Ball

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After a brief dalliance away from my first love, the space and satellite market, I am back working in, at least in my opinion, the most incredibly interesting market I could possibly hope to be part of (and no, I am not just talking about the recruitment industry).

What has been fantastic to see is the huge number of developments that have taken place in the last 7 or so months! Firstly, the continued development of LEO solutions has been great. Seeing the likes of OneWeb, SpaceX’s Starlink and Amazon’s Kuiper getting ever closer to a commercial launch has been really interesting as has the continued growth of the commercial earth observation and imaging market, which is going from strength to strength.

There are also new areas of the market which seem to be increasing with some really fierce competition, such as the small launcher market, which can only help further reduce barriers to entry to the market and help to diversify options for both traditional and new satellite solution providers.

While I may have only joined neuco a short time ago, it really does feel like I have come home. We have a phenomenal team here who are not only truly passionate about the markets they serve but are dedicated to providing an unparalleled level of service to both our clients and candidates.

Finally, what has been the best thing over the last month is the reaction from my network to being back in the industry. To those of you I have already caught up with, thank you for welcoming me back with such fervour, and to those of you I haven’t had a chance to catch up with yet please do not hesitate to reach out and chat all things space, satellite and (of course) recruitment!