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The end of another year!

6 months ago by John Clifton

2019 Wrap Up

The end of another year…the last of the decade, madness!

As 2019 draws to a close, the team at neuco always like to do a little bit of reflection on the year that’s been. Sure we like to analyse performance and data, but our business is formed on just one core value when it comes to how we run things internally, and that’s to enjoy yourself, so we mainly like to look back at the bits that have made us laugh the most in the last 12 months!

From a business standpoint, we go into 2020 nearly twice the size of that a year ago and delighted to have strengthened our position in our core markets.

Our sole aim is to provide clients with a great service, and 2019 has seen us invest in a variety of techniques and technology that are helping us do just that.

But process and tech are just one side of the coin – to drive those changes, you need a team that embraces it, and we’re so lucky at neuco to have a team of people who love doing that, it’s awesome!

We’ve got a few very exciting announcments coming for early 2020, more of that to follow in a few weeks but for now, here’s the run-down of the highlights…or lowlights depending on your point of view!

  • Tom and Laurie having to share a bed in a hostel in Barcelona (AirBnB disaster!)

  • Tegan’s ‘tech’ questions ;-)

  • Dan’s amazing/perfectly round head

  • Tim as Elvis in Vegas

  • Winning first new business at neuco for lots of us

  • John and Laurie having LinkedIn “liking” competitions on LinkedIn

  • Copious conversations about food

  • Many happy Friday drinks in the Hare and Hound

  • Poker Nights @ Jake’s

  • Jake getting to grips with gambling on horses (never back the same one!)

  • The zoo restaurant in Amsterdam

  • Tom losing John’s Credit card the day before John flew on holiday

  • Implementing our video teach…BECOMING FILM STARS!!!

  • Will bringing salt/sodium supplements back from Japan instead of sweets.

  • Henry winning CitiBase Dog of the Year!

  • Watching the RWC at work

We can’t wait for 2020 to get started, and whether you’re looking to hire or find the next move in your career, the team at neuco is here to help.

Wishing you a wonderful end to this decade, let’s welcome the 20’s tomorrow :-)