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MWC2020: what to expect from this year’s show?

7 months ago by Tom Wilding


Some fun facts about Barcelona:

  • Its beaches are artificial!
  • Of its 55 museums (including Gaudi’s, Picasso’s and the Spanish National Science Museum) the most visited is the Nou Camp Museum (Home of Barcelona FC)
  • It is home to the largest exhibition specifically dedicated to the mobile industry!

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is not only the biggest smartphone event of the year, but it is also where everyone associated with the mobile industry comes together to connect, network and share their feelings about the most transformational industry around…….and neuco will be there in force!

So, what should you expect from this year’s edition…

  1. You will hear talk about 5G and the impact it will have on your business in every single meeting and rightly so.
  2. 5G is here, but its success is still reliant on other technology evolving to be able to cope with its demand – take your smartphone for example, to make the most of 5G you will need a new 5G enabled phone. Speaking of which, you can expect to see the releases of lots of new 5G enabled mobiles!
  3. Expect to discuss collaboration between different industries a lot – 5G is a good example as it relies on using satellite and cellular bandwidth. 

This is my favourite show of the year, it’s brilliant for neuco and you can’t help but get a sense of excitement from the connectivity industry that we work in. As such, and because of the volume of clients we are meeting, there will be four of us attending Laurie Scott John Clifton Dan Jefferey and myself, Tom Wilding.

With all those meetings in mind and if you are into step counting, you are in for a field day at the Fira de Barcelona…it is humungous! Last year we clocked up 25,000+ steps a day so wear comfortable shoes, but all that exercise certainly helped the tapas go down!

One other MWC tip is book accommodation as early as you can, it is one of the more expensive conference locations so the earlier you can book, the more money you will save.

If you’re at MWC this year, let us know as it would be great to catch up and see what you think about the connectivity industry and a real pleasure to meet with you in person.