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neuco invest in Ovyo

5 months ago by John Clifton

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neuco are delighted to announce their recent strategic investment in Ovyo, a professional & technical services business providing strategic delivery, technical and consulting services to the global satellite, video and communications industries.

Our decision to invest in Ovyo was driven by the opportunity to become more deeply involved in the industries we know, love and have been recruiting in for decades. The chance to invest in a business that helps take our relationships even closer than they already are was incredibly appealing.

The founders of Ovyo – Pav Kudlac and Adam Tilbury-Eld – have a wealth of experience providing and delivering professional services throughout our industries, and the feeling on both sides was that our deep industry networks combined with their delivery expertise would form an extremely powerful partnership.

Ovyo will remain led by Pav and Adam, with John, Will and Laurie joining in a non-exec Board Member capacity, and the five of us are incredibly excited about the future of Ovyo and the mutual benefits the two companies can bring each other over time.

A little more about Ovyo…

Having been long term providers and suppliers of professional and technical services (Pav @ Accenture, BT, Alcatel Lucent, and Adam @ Innowave), the leadership team at Ovyo understands that many types of services are not cost-effectively available at flexible scale.

In Pav’s own words, “Ovyo will move the needle in terms of what customers expect from professional services partners. As well as offering more standard models of consulting, project delivery, integration, development and test services, we help customers try out different mixed-shore models that can really make a difference for them.” For more info about Ovyo, head over to

The future for neuco…

We remain focused on growing our business and are blessed with an amazing team. We’re currently working together as a group to refine our 3yr vision and plan and start delivering on the goals we’re setting ourselves to achieve by 2023.

We see the investment and partnership with Ovyo as a great way to help us achieve our aims…suffice to say, we’re super excited for the future :-)