How not to go loco at neuco!

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The Easter weekend has been and gone, with beautiful weather to be enjoyed safely from indoors. We find ourselves still in lock down and working from home is no longer a novelty. While our amazing NHS workers inspire us from the front line, in the UK, and around the world we are all called upon to do our bit. Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Safe Lives.

It’s a simple instruction, right?! How hard can it be? Wellbeing, Mental Health and staying productive has never been more important. It’s crucial that we look after ourselves to manage these challenging times. Because it turns out, endless days at home are not easy and throw up unchartered territory to navigate. At neuco, we have had a great wellbeing seminar, sharing the solutions that work for us (not the problems that bring us down!) Here are some that work for us, please feel free to take them and make them your own or get in touch with the team to ask more.

  • Focus on doing one thing at a time – be it a work or home task
  • Stay in the moment – if you’re on a lunch break with your children don’t be afraid to not take that call
  • Have a dedicated room or place for working and only work there
  • Routine, routine, routine! it may look different to pre-lockdown and change on different days but try to make a schedule and stick to it (including lunch and coffee breaks)
  • To stay connected use video as much as possible
  • Exercise! For some, you will get the most from lunch time exercise to break up the day, for others it’s an after work walk to wind down and others still a morning exercise challenge gets your brain going
  • Get fresh air!
  • Setting hourly, or daily targets can help you feel like you’re achieving
  • At the end of the day, switch off all electronics and have a few hours without screen time. Leave your phone and laptop in the home office, or a different room. Read a book or do a SuDuko
  • Focus on relaxing and switching off when you’re not at work
  • Enjoy the extra time you’ve gained from not commuting. Use it for additional time to cuddle your baby, do some meditation, mindfulness or yoga
  • Keep your work clothes separate to comfy/weekend clothes
  • During the weekends, set yourself one chore or task that you’ve been meaning to do for ages EG clean out that cupboard!
  • Create a routine for the children too, give them clear expectations EG shooting hoops every lunch time
  • Look after yourself and stay hydrated to keep those headaches away
  • Focus on what you enjoy about working from home, get that sourdough starter going or nurture your chilli plants!
  • Don’t NOT do things – If you were going to have a date night, still have a date night just get creative. (Ask Tom how he turned his living room into a pub…)
  • Make sure you still eat really well – healthy food is good for body and mind
  • Schedule weekend activities, get practical in the garden, do a zoom family Pub Quiz or master that Roast Dinner!
  • Leverage Video Technology, use this common situation we all share in to build relationships
  • Start and end the working day with regular team work video calls to check in and share success

And finally, all members of neuco are enjoying good wine, G&Ts, beer and amazing food – guilt free.

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