1st UK Person on the Ground for Global MSSP

  • Location: London, UK
  • Sector: Cyber Security
  • Job Title: Senior Sales Director
  • Service Provided: Specialist recruitment via our COMMIT model
  • Shortlist timeframe: Candidate shortlist of 8 people delivered in 2 weeks
  • Project brief to closure: Two months

1st UK Person on the Ground for Global MSSP

The challenge: Our client is a Gartner-leading midsize MSSP, with big plans for the UK Enterprise market. They needed someone with a background of new logo generation for managed security services, the right contacts, an entrepreneurial mindset – and the proven ability to lead a team.

Our solution: There’s been a huge growth in the Global MSSP space in recent years. We used our existing know-how to compile a comprehensive list of target organisations – and pro-actively headhunt selected profiles. We leveraged existing networks to find and qualify highly suitable individuals fast. Outreach was a blended approach of methods to maximise response rates.

The outcome: Our client was faced with a difficult decision in having two highly suitable candidates at final interview stage. Ultimately they decided that with both being such strong fits for different reasons they would hire both.

“We’ve been delighted with the professionalism of the services that you have provided and look forward to working with you on future assignments.”

“Thanks so much for landing me the perfect job and for handling the whole process so smoothly.”

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