A Director hired to build and lead.

  • Location: East Coast, USA
  • Sector: Satellite & NewSpace
  • Job Title: Director of Communication Ground Systems Engineering
  • Service Provided: Specialist recruitment via our TARGET model
  • Shortlist timeframe: 2 weeks, 6 Candidates shortlisted for interview
  • Project brief to closure: 10 weeks

A Director hired to build and lead

The challenge: Our client, a leading new satellite operator, were looking for a senior executive to lead their engineering team in the performance of complex systems level analysis and trades to optimize the Ground System, consisting of RF, digital, network management, LTE, and LEO antenna systems. This was a crucial hire for the team and a very specialised skillset needed.

Our solution: Utilising our deep expertise of working within this specialised industry, we were able to pro actively headhunt the exact individuals that we knew would have the designated technical experience that was required.

The outcome: We successfully secured our client an individual who was extremely excited to join an exciting new player within the industry. However, the chosen candidate had initially expressed some concerns and wasn’t certain about making a change. But, our knowledge of the client and their specific aim to have this person build the team and the long-term future of the group in question enabled us to secure the candidate.


“Laurie is a unicorn in the land of executive recruiters. He, along with his team at neuco, have provided an amazing result filling this hard role with bringing in a bar raising executive. Laurie is a pleasure to work with. He is insightful, asks questions that get to the heart of the need, and never gives up. He quickly incorporates feedback into his searches and has been successful in sourcing this crucial hire for me.”


“Laurie is a top-notch recruiter. He worked closely with me from the time I met him, helping me understand the role he was recruiting for, the company he was recruiting for, and expectations that they were looking for in a successful candidate. He was very supportive all throughout the interview process and beyond. Without his help, expertise and knowledge of his client, I doubt I would have taken the role.”

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