A Regulatory and Spectrum Expert for a Growing NewSpace Business

  • Location: Europe
  • Sector: Satellite & NewSpace
  • Job Title: Director Global Spectrum & Regulatory Affairs
  • Service Provided: Commit
  • Shortlist timeframe: 2 weeks
  • Project brief to closure: 3 months

A Regulatory and Spectrum Expert for a Growing NewSpace Business

The Challenge: A global NewSpace IoT business had a need for an experienced Spectrum and Regulatory Affairs Executive to head up their global team. This skill set is one that is not only hard to find but also one that is currently in high demand and at a premium given the nature of the market. This was also a hire in a new location for our client which added an extra layer of complexity to the process.

Our Solution: Given our extensive experience and network in this space having placed a number of similar positions, we were able to quickly identify individuals with the required skill set and industry experience our client was targeting within our existing network. Once this had been exhausted, we mapped relevant companies agreed with our client, and targeted the right individuals within those businesses to provide the strongest shortlist we could.

The Outcome: A shortlist of 10 qualified candidates was provided within 2 weeks to our client who selected their chosen individuals to interview. We supported both our client and the candidates through the interview process and once the chosen individual was identified we help to support our client through the complexity of hiring in a new location successfully.

“Thanks for all of your work to produce high-quality candidates quickly and to help us run this process. Your understanding of the spectrum and regulatory domain was clear from the start, and this has been a critical success factor”

“I had only just started to explore new opportunities and had not yet figured out what my next move might be. Andrew took time to understand my background and career aspirations and was able to match me to a really exciting position with a company that I admired. neuco were really helpful in supporting me through the recruitment process and made sure I knew what to expect and that I was prepared for everything that came after”

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