A strong force to lead the Global Sales Operations!

  • Location: UK
  • Sector: Content & Media
  • Job Title: Global Sales Operations
  • Service Provided: Commit
  • Shortlist timeframe: Shortlist of 5 minimum, 2 weeks per role
  • Project brief to closure: 3 weeks

A strong force to lead the Global Sales Operations!

The Challenge: As this organisation acquired 3 companies and went through a drastic strategy change, they needed a candidate who was able to spearhead their entire Global Sales Operations. The Global Sales Operations role is one that covers many areas and aptitudes, in this case, there was also the future prospect of leading a Sales Operations team! Our challenge was to find a candidate, who had previously overseen mergers, acquisitions, and rapid growth so that they could act as the sounding board for this organisation.

Our Solution: Due to this organisation needing someone with experience within a Global role, we were able to pick up the phone, and speak to people within our networks. As soon as we heard about this position, we had candidates in mind, as a matter of fact, this individual has been known to us for many years. As such, we were able to provide a rapid turnaround for the client and help out one of our friendly candidates!

The Outcome: An incredibly happy client and an even happier candidate! This individual has now begun growing and scaling their team, overseen an acquisition, and loves their new role! We were able to lead and organize the entire interview process and were delighted to hear about the successes.

“Henry is one of the best recruiters I have ever dealt with. He was involved during the whole recruitment process. His regular updates and feedback were always clear and relevant. Whenever there were logistical and scheduling complications he quickly and proactively suggested solutions. Very rarely one comes across with a young person who truly shines with his professionalism, confidence, charisma, and enthusiasm. I have no doubt that with such a good attitude and work ethic, Henry is always going to be successful and a key asset to any company that has him on board”

“It was my pleasure to recently work with Henry Johnson. A natural relationship builder with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Always professional and enthusiastic, with an eye for detail, and systematic in providing regular status updates. Henry is a credit to the team at neuco! If you’re looking to hire top talent, or ready for a new role, I can highly recommend Henry”

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