An IoT Enterprise Team.

  • Location: UK, US, and Australia
  • Sector: Connectivity
  • Job Title: IoT Sales, Senior IoT BDMs
  • Service Provided: Multihire/RPO
  • Shortlist timeframe: 2 weeks per role, min 5 shortlisted for each
  • Project brief to closure: 5 hires over 8 months

An IoT Enterprise Team

The challenge: This international business had recently invested in growing their enterprise and IoT business unit and, therefore, was in need of strong salespeople to grow their pipeline and help hit ambitious revenue targets. Historically these roles had taken months to hire and were very challenging to find the right culture fit in candidates. There was a need for a variety of roles over an 18-month period from hunter style new business animals, to the farming styled Account Managers, and these roles were across the US, UK and Australia.

Our solution: Due to our experience building sales teams with IoT specific technical expertise, we quickly identified and targeted individuals at competitive businesses first. Once these talent pools had been exhausted, some successfully, we then went about mapping businesses and industries where there would be relevant transferable skillsets. A heavy focus of our qualification was around making sure that the softer traits of these salespeople were appropriate for the roles they were going into; hunters to BD roles, farmers to account management roles.

The outcome: 5 experienced candidates were all placed within the team and, at the time of writing this 12 months after the project was completed, all are still there and doing very well. More importantly, while other areas of the business have struggled, this vertical has achieved the ambitious revenue targets it set.


“Having worked with neuco in the past, we came to them to help us fill some sales roles that we had challenges filling quickly. Tom, Laurie and the team helped us fill a number of really challenging roles, including one in Australia that avoided me some early mornings, and those people have been great additions to the team. Thanks neuco!”


“Tom Wilding redefines the concept and sets up the bar very high regarding high quality recruiting for Technology clients in the Connectivity space. He is, without a doubt, the best recruiter I have had the pleasure to work with during my career. From initial reach-out communications through final hiring, and even after that, Tom accompanies both the candidates and his company clients making sure all parties have all the information they need, while consulting and providing guidance to ensure a very successful selection process. I highly recommend Tom’s services and expertise to Technology companies everywhere looking forward to gather the best talent available and to professionals everywhere looking forward to work for the best companies in the Connectivity space.”

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