Centralisation & Enhancement of EMEA Corporate Headquarters

  • Location: Luxembourg, Europe
  • Sector: Satellite & NewSpace
  • Job Title: Senior Sales, Sales Operations, Sales Engineering, Asset Planning, Product Management and Marketing
  • Service Provided: Multi-hire
  • Shortlist timeframe: 2 weeks per role
  • Project brief to closure: 4 months

Centralisation & Enhancement of EMEA Corporate Headquarters

The Challenge: To recruit, contract and onboard skilled professionals that would build out the Sales, Sales Operations, Sales Engineering, Asset Planning, Product Management, and Marketing functions in support of the newly centralized EMEA business.

Our Solution: We mobilised the team to dedicate their resource efforts to completing this significant project. We increased the cadence of contact with the hiring team and created a detailed report that was specific to the needs across all prescribed requirements.

The Outcome: In a 4-month period, the business was able to meet the objective of having its most significant European presence centralised in Luxembourg. This move had considerable positive repercussions across the business, including a strong impact on the business’s financial performance for the year.

“Laurie, Tom, and team wasted no time and immediately dug-in to understand the brief, organize the approach, and leverage their expansive network. Communication channels were open, approaches were agile and flexible, challenges were solved, and geographic and time zone differences made seamless. Of course, we hit some bumps along the way due to the aggressive timeline and exacting requirements, but neuco are the All Stars of their profession, always focused on solutions and never missing a beat. The neuco team’s passion for what they do is inspiring, and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner. We are delighted with the outcome.”

“The neuco team were fantastic throughout the process, from their innovative and personalised reach out to providing consistent, up-to-date and valuable insights at every step of the journey. They were of great help during offer negotiations and were even still there for me and checking in after I joined.”

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