Finding the Client Facing Technical Expert

  • Location: UK
  • Sector: Content & Media
  • Job Title: Technical Account Manager
  • Service Provided: React
  • Shortlist timeframe: 2 Weeks
  • Project brief to closure: 8 Weeks

Finding the Client Facing Technical Expert

The challenge: This innovative organisation needed a candidate that was competent with Pre-Sales, Account Management and Project Delivery, alongside having strong technical understanding. The TAM is a very broad role, with wide ranging tasks, depending on any client’s needs, whilst managing multiple complex projects. The challenge was to find a candidate that could competently manage all aspects of this role, alongside having a good understanding of the Broadcast Media industry.

Our solution: We knew that we were looking for a very special individual, who could competently encompass all the skills required. We spoke to a lot of individuals throughout different parts of the industry and in our network, until we had a shortlist of candidates who had the right blend of skills we were looking for and crucially had the right personality to fit into this company’s culture. We proactively headhunted throughout Europe for this individual as we knew it was going to be hard to find the right candidate.

The outcome: Having received a poor level of applicants, our client interviewed four of our candidates and was delighted to appoint an outstanding individual, who had a strong technical background, was able to competently work with high profile clients and deliver a fantastic service. We were able to oversee the interview process, ensure the candidates resignation went well and are delighted to hear that the onboarding has gone very well.


“We have worked with neuco a number of times now, that says it all, and we’ve always found them very easy to work with, unfailingly polite and professional. The neuco team has always been willing to adapt their processes to suit our needs which is appreciated. The roles we’ve asked neuco to fill have all required a skilled generalist, which can be hard to find but neuco always generate a good selection of candidates and we’ve had very successful hires.”


“Tegan was a great recruiter to work with. She was very clear and thorough in explaining each stage of the process. I felt she genuinely cared about my experience. At the same time all our conversations on the phone felt relaxed and informal (I think we talked about cats quite a bit). I ended up in a job I really wanted. Thank you!”

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