Finding the skills to take your product to market

  • Location: USA
  • Sector: Content & Media, Satellite & NewSpace
  • Job Title: Product Commercialisation Manager
  • Service Provided: Multihire
  • Shortlist timeframe: Shortlist of 5 in 2 weeks
  • Project brief to closure: 6 weeks

Finding the skills to take your product to market

The Challenge: Our client was looking to target new media industry verticals, but lacked the market knowledge and insight to create a product roadmap and go-to-market plan in these new sectors. With deadlines looming they needed a quick search for product talent in the media and publishing world in the US.

Our Solution: Using our knowledge of the US broadcasting and Media publishing landscape we were able to quickly identify likely targets for sources of product talent, and approach the key individual with the skill we needed. This allowed us to shortlist 5 candidates well within a 2-week deadline and have the process up and running ASAP.

The Outcome: Within 4 weeks of the project kickoff we had identified and shepherded the ideal candidate through the interview process and had their contract signed and started in the role only a few weeks after that.

“The neuco team have proven to be a reliable recruitment partner for us across multiple domains. Their understanding of the satellite industry and its sub-verticals has been a major boost to our recruitment efforts. By way of consistent aptitude, diligence, and demonstrated results, neuco has become our go-to partner for difficult-to-fill/niche searches. We’ve yet to have a negative experience partnering with neuco recruiters, from Tom to Katja, Dan, Ewan, Tegan, Tim, Andrew, and many others, each demonstrates tact and tenacity in their market outreach and overall approach. The neuco approach should be studied and replicated!!”

“I had an excellent experience with neuco and am so grateful to have worked with Tim. I was in the final stages of some other opportunities, but neuco was able to smoothly facilitate and expedite the recruiting process with the organization I ultimately joined. I cannot imagine that it would have worked out had it not been for their help from the interviewing to the offer stages of the process, which would have been quite unfortunate given that in the end, it was the opportunity I ended up being most excited about! The whole experience was very straightforward and made my decision to join very simple.”

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