Hard to Find and In Demand, Headhunting a Guidance Navigation & Control Superstar

  • Location: US (West Coast)
  • Sector: Satellite & NewSpace
  • Job Title: Director, GNC
  • Service Provided: React
  • Shortlist timeframe: Shortlist of 5 in 2 weeks
  • Project brief to closure: 5 weeks

Hard to Find and In Demand, Headhunting a Guidance Navigation & Control Superstar

The Challenge: GNC Engineers are in high demand, and they know it. They are bombarded with recruiter approaches for new opportunities on a daily basis. Standing out amongst the crowd is no easy task.

Our Solution: We knew we needed to capture these highly sought-after profiles’ attention and pique their interest. Thus, we decided, this was to be achieved by adopting a highly personalised approach, alongside highlighting the distinguishing and attractive factors we thought made our client and their mission unique and appealing. We qualified with the hiring manager their ideal GNC profile, in terms of responsibilities, experience, seniority, and companies worked for. We then identified said individuals and began a very targeted headhunting campaign.

The Outcome: In just over a month, we successfully placed a Senior GNC Engineer with our client, after having taken them from a company the hiring manager had specifically highlighted as a top preference. The close and transparent manner in which we and the client worked together to bring this individual on board provided a blueprint for future successful collaborations.

“We asked neuco to help us with a particularly difficult search where we had received little interest from the market. Given neuco’s extensive network and experience in the space industry, they were able to introduce to us a candidate that not only had the right experience for the position but was also not actively looking and we would not have found otherwise.”

“I had a great experience working with Ewan to secure my new role. There were a few things that stood out: he made a video describing the role (it’s not something you see every day; pretty nice touch), he communicated with me regularly and made sure that I was kept in the loop every step of the way, and he managed to add a personal touch to the experience while being super professional.”

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