Innovator in Satellite Communications seeks Cyber Security Product Leader

  • Location: USA – East Coast
  • Sector: Cyber Security
  • Job Title: Senior Director – Head of Product Security
  • Service Provided: React
  • Shortlist timeframe: 2 weeks
  • Project brief to closure: 2 months from qualifying to placement

Innovator in Satellite Communications seeks Cyber Security Product Leader

The Challenge: The client was looking for an established security leader with a software product management background. This was also a Greenfield role with a mandate to build a team, making them the driving force behind their overall security posture.

Our Solution: We began with in-depth qualification and understanding of the core skill requirements with a range of key stakeholders. Reaching out to our deep existing satellite industry and information security networks, we interviewed a broad range of profiles against the core criteria – submitting a varied shortlist of suitable candidates.

The Outcome: The client ended up with a tricky decision after two finalist candidates both aced their panel interviews. Each provided a different combination of skills and attributes, so they initially evaluated if they could hire both! In the end, the client was able to hire a very talented individual with a huge appetite for the challenges of such a varied role – they are first in this new security division!



“Lexy, Jake and the neuco team helped us fill a critical need for a product security leader. The neuco team vetted a number of high-quality candidates in a short-time frame providing us with multiple options to fill our need. The neuco team is very professional, responsive, easy to work with, and most importantly highly effective. I highly recommend working with neuco to fill critical needs within your organization.”

“Your service was excellent, I liked the active communication you guys provided enabling me to navigate through the process and what to expect which was very helpful.”

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